Past Exhibitions


Surreal Work From The Valley

JANUARY 7th – FEBRUARY 12, 2022

886 Capp Street at 24th –SF–


A Group Installation with Angie Allen / Peter Warren / Laura Van Duren

23 Artists Respond to This Time…..

Incline Gallery x an.ä.log

Austen Zombres, “CapriSun”

Kent Roberts: A Tribute

Jan 24 – Feb 1

October 18-27, 2019

A Solo Show by Monique Eckelmann

“PLANS” – a Group Exhibition. June 2019

Featuring artists Dustin Franco, Mark Faigenbaum, and Suzanne Mailloux.

“No Frills” April 2019

Street portraits done by photographer and paintings by artist Nikki Sims.